Ultra-running takes in any distance beyond a marathon, so they include some of the most extreme endurance events around the world. The terrain can be part of the challenge too, so there are multi-day and non-stop runs in the world's deserts and frozen wastes and mountain runs as well as cultural daily staged races around the world.

Credit : RunUltra Ltd

Credit : RunUltra Ltd

Marathon des Sables

The Marathon des Sables has been running since 1986, when a handful of French runners ran this epic staged race in the Moroccan desert. Read more...


A competitor fording a river on the mountainous island of Basse-Terre, one of six stages of the Guadarun held in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. Read more...


Grand to Grand Ultra

The G2G is a 7-day self-supported staged ultra-run from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Grand Staircase in Utah. Read more...


See an article below about ultra-running, first published by Hilton Guest magazine.

We will continue to add ultra runs to this page. In fact, if you have a particular favourite which you think might be suitable, then do contact us to let us know about it. We're most interested in races that are longer than marathon length and the more exotic the better.


TRans 333

Archive: The Trans 333 was an epic desert run that lasted for five or six years at the turn of the 2000s. Held in deserts around the world, it was, as its name suggests, 333 kilometres long. Read more...