In the Trail the Young Lawrence of Arabia

As a youth and student, TE Lawrence, later Lawrence of Arabia, cycled for thousands of miles around southern England, Wales and then France. He loved the independence of exploring by bicycle and he loved to push himself physically. His sense of adventure, his self-reliance and particularly his physical resilience are key to understanding the man he later became. See more about the Young Lawrence.

This project - In the Trail of the Young Lawrence of Arabia - is a contemporary piece of travel writing that takes inspiration from the cycle journeys made by the young TE Lawreneec. It is written by travel writer and endurance sportsman James Henderson. In it James Henderson uses TE Lawrence’s letters home from 1906-8 as a lens to recreate the journeys and to view again the places he visited.

In 2019 James Henderson recreated TE Lawrence’s trips to visit the castles of Wales and his journeys of 1906 and 1907 to Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Valley. In 2020, he will create TE Lawrence’s extraordinary trip around the rest of France, which took TE Lawrence down to the Mediterranean and back up the west of the country. In all he covered some 2500 miles.

There are several differences between the trips… not least the standard of the bicycles and the roads… See more about the differences, including about Food & Drink

the 2019 Cycle Journeys

James Henderson cycled around Wales (in late April and early May 2019 where, unfeasibly, he was rained on only once in eight days). This was to follow a trip undertaken by TE Lawrence in the Easter holidays of 1907.

The second journey, in July 2019 was around North-western France, where TE Lawrence cycled in the summer holidays of 1906 (mainly in Brittany) and 1907, sometimes alone, often with a school-friend and for a short time with his father. He also made a quick trip down to Fontrevaud and theh castles at Saumur and Angers on the Loire.

James Henderson’s third journey, to be undertaken in 2020, follows the trip made by the young TE Lawrence in the summer of 1908, during the vacation between his first and second year at university. It was an extraordinary trip of 4000 kilometres long, covering much of France.

A Life of Adventure

This site, A Life of, is all about… well, adventure, something that was written into TE Lawrence’s very make-up. He travelled and explored from an early age. Read about some other adventurers from a more modern age.

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