Ultra X Series

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Ultra X organises a series of staged ultra-marathons in deserts, mountains and jungles around the world, including in the Azores (early in 2020), Sri Lanka (April), Jordan (October) and in Mexico (November). They stage a fifth event, their World Championship, by invitation every two years (starting 2021).

Races are each around 250km long and run in five stages generally between 30 and 80km over five days and each has its distinctive signature, resulting from its terrain and cultural background. Races are partially supported. Competitors must be self-sufficient in all their food and equipment during the five days, but they do not need to carry all their gear while running. The organisers will carry a bag with food and equipment forward to the night’s campsite. During each stage runners carry mandatory kit and what they need for that day, and the organisers provide medical attention and water (at checkpoints, about every 10km).

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