The Roth Triathletes Return

Our intrepid ironmen are back, mostly at the office grindstone already, after their adventure at Challenge Roth on 1st July. All six managed to complete the course. Their times were as follows

George - 10:24

Jack - 10:37

Ric - 10.52

Wave - 11.23

Mark - 11.28

Si - 11:32

And to follow, a few essential moments, memories and reflections –

Si had the quickest Swim and Marathon of the six of us (coming within the top 10% overall). Unfortunately was in the bottom 10% for the Bike leg and transitions….somewhat unusual…

Jack won the Clydesdale category for 93kg+ athletes (we think !) as well as a prize for “most emotional rider”, being reduced to tears while cycling through the thousands of screaming spectators up Solar Hill

Mark had more visits to the portaloos on the run course than most of us manage in a week

The swim course was evidently subject to a sudden adverse current as Ric and Mark were finishing… this is the only explanation we can think of to explain why they were so far behind Si, Jack and George

Ric came out of the Swim with leg-rigid cramp, which reduced him to one leg pedalling on leaving Transition 1 and caused a crash into spectators, which in turn bent his bike and fractured his wrist… all resulting in a Bike split that was not up to normal standards

Wave beat his previous Iron Man PB by approximately two hours

All six of us were in a world of pain during the latter stages of the Marathon. George was barely able to speak.

Our 20+ supporters were absolutely amazing, not least in getting to the myriad viewing spots… (some I believed walked over 5 miles !)

And most importantly … we all finished…. That’s four IM virgins getting home in under 11:30 hrs… and two old farts racking up PBs as they approach 60… The euphoria on the finish line and in the bar afterwards (the smiles on Si and Mark’s faces could be seen from Mars) and the life long memories and shared pain and glory… made it a very, very special experience.

….and now, as life returns to some sort of normality (what, no more 5am starts for yet another swim?)… there is immense collective pride… some relief it’s all over… and that most energising of life lessons… that if you aim high, anything is possible.