The Last Supper - at Challenge Roth 2018

Our six intrepid iron triathletes at Challenge Roth are just sitting down to their last supper... before Sunday’s 4 am start. They took some time out from scoffing to send some Quick Quotes :

Jack : I’m feeling relaxed ... and nervous… but confident it will go well if I stick to my plan

George : I’m ready to race. Enough talk, now’s time for action... will be hugely relieved when the Swim is done and I can power away on the Bike

Si : my focus is on a strong swim, steady Bike and then ready to run off Bike at pace

Mark : meticulous preparation. Really looking forward to run, just a pity there’s a bit of swimming and running to do first...

Wave : looking forward to 1) Swim exit, 2) getting into bar at the end

Ric : The Bike course looks epic... can’t wait .... just that horrible chaotic swim, and run through a world of pain to book-end a beautiful Bike