Pick your Challenge Roth Winner…

Iron distance Triathlon is a notoriously difficult game to predict. So much can go wrong over 226k, and in particular over the last 10k of the marathon run.

We are a team of six, but we are also six competitive mates of infinitely varied swim/bike/run capability, track record and experience… So, after all the training, much of it related in this very Journal, of course, there remains a burning question. Which one of us will cross the finish line first ?

The half Iron distance Monster Mojo test event on 13th May yielded the following finishing order :

1st – George    
2nd - Jack       
3rd – Mark

4th – Wave      
5th – Si           
6th/DNF - Ric

BUT… all sorts of considerations need to be factored in. Mark and Wave were unexpectedly off the pace during bike leg, Si was enjoying the bike so much he did an extra 22km lap, Ric was leading off the bike but pulled up with a run injury, and Jack spent so long in transition we can only assume he couldn’t find his hair styling tongs. And anyway… as everyone knows…  a full IronMan is a lot more than just double a half Ironman…

Training stats and informal exchanges suggest that all six of our intrepid athletes have got faster since Mojo a month ago. The mysterious Wave is smashing PBs  every weekend and has sourced some go-faster wheels and tyres, which should save him a good  0.0001% on the bike section. He is an experienced long-course racer who will not blow up. Si and Mark are just back from overseas training camps carefully disguised as family holidays. And Ric, though some would say it's a bit late, has started running again, albeit only up to 6 miles so far. Jack and George have been on very good form at recent Copper family training weekends. Ric might even be relegated to 3rd fastest swimmer among the 3 Coopers. Even his advantage on the bike seems to be eroding . On paper George is marginally the fastest now, though to safeguard  other competitors and spectators the organisers have agreed for him to be followed by a launch with on-board portaloo during the swim...

So, who’s it to be? Why not make a choice and let us know. Training stats yield some clues, but you’ll have to read the Journal entries for further gen. Or you can just take a punt on it, basing your choice of winner on, well… family ties, blind loyalty, or who looks nicest in their tri suit. 

Send your vote to  -  contactus @ alifeofadventure .net (you'll need to close the gaps when copying this) -  and we’ll keep a running tally of your choices, regularly updating the scores on the journal.

And for yet more excitement, we respectfully propose that if you do joyously pick the winner, you might want to celebrate by contributing (or contributing more…doubling your stake) to our fundraising for the charity Mind. See our fund-raising page here.