The Big Day Approaches

After the months of training, Challenge Roth is almost upon us. The crew will be heading out to Bavaria on Thursday this week. The event is coming sharply into focus, and the nerves are catching up with them too. As they face their massive test, our indomitable ironman-triathletes look over their training and tell us how they’re feeling. Three of the youth are up first -


My psyche has decided to take a bi polar approach to Triathlon. One second I can feel like a South American Mountain Lion gracefully bounding through the Lincolnshire wolds on my bike and the next I’m swimming about as gracefully as a disused oil rig through a murky lake just off the A46. Fortunately the former has been dominant of late and it’s left me in a rather unusual position of readiness. The hard work’s been done, the plan’s been set, the fuel is packed and ready. Now just a final piece in the puzzle remains - to nail the logistics and get all of my possessions onto the plane alongside me.

With a track record of losing 8 wallets, 11 phones and 7 sets of house keys, the bookies are confident of an impending slip up.

Bring it on.


Like George, my relationship with the Ironman is best described as Love/Hate. Hate getting into a wet wetsuit at 6am to go and swim in a murky lake, love being accused of cutting corners by Dad after I beat him by 5 minutes. Hate doing shots of beetroot juice in the morning, love the resulting 0.001% increase in the width of my capillaries. Hate abstaining from big days on the beer with friends, love the thought of pouring my first stein of German lager all over my head. Hate when the lens of your Oakleys aren’t quite reflective enough, love buying a fully reflective new pair that co-ordinate perfectly with the tri suit.


The phrase I’d use to describe my feelings is “Nervous but excited”. Nervous that I may not get round, excited that I’ve done the training that which means I should. Nervous that I’ve never done anything as big as this, excited that 200 thousand people should make it an amazing day. When reflecting on it, I’m now counting down the days – I can’t wait to be free but excited to hopefully have one of the best days of my life.


Stand by for words of wisdom from the senior generation tomorrow...