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XPD - an Adventure Race in Australia

An adventure race for teams of four, which takes place in a different area of Australia every 18 months. XPD 2018, to be held in north-eastern Tasmania, will be run over a course of approximately 500km and is expected to last between three and six days.

XPD races are designed to suit local terrain, though each contains an element of hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. Some also include other sports such as rope-work and even caving. The course is kept secret until just before the start, when teams are given race books and maps and have a limited time to plan their race – equipment, food and of course their route, as navigation is another key characteristic of XPD. The race is unsupported, so teams must also organise their equipment for later stages, forwarding it in kit boxes to transitions.

In 2018, XPD will be run out of St Helens in the Bay of Fires region of north-eastern Tasmania, starting on 18th March 2018 and lasting approximately 72 hours for the fastest teams. Teams can be tracked via location devices as they progress along the course. See the XPD website here.

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XPD is a member of the Adventure Race World Series. For more information, see here.