Secret Compass

A young and energetic company that arranges travel to remote countries (around 50 so far) in various different forms. Most interestingly they run around 20 pre-set 'Epic Expeditions' each year, enabling you to join a pre-organised but rigorous adventure in, for example the jungles of Madagascar, a desert in Iran or the mountains of Kamchatka. They also offer 'Classics Redefined', for example a visit to Angel Falls in Venezuela (all fairly normal except that you then abseil the whole way down it), 'Cultural Immersion', for example a desert crossing with a tribesman or reindeer herding, and their Adventure Academy, in which you learn survival or water skills. And finally they can fix bespoke trips, perhaps helping to locate and then plan a first ascent of an unclimbed peak or a first river descent. See their website at

And read the blow by blow account of a Secret Compass trip to descend the Moa River in Sierra Leone.