L'Eroica is a retro cycling event which takes place in the Chianti region of Italy. All bikes have to be pre-1984 - which means at least that brake cables loop over your handlebars and your gear-lever is on your frame - but many participants ride much older bicycles than that, and many will also dress the part, in retro clothing and shoes. There are several distances, but a key feature of the event is that the courses run substantially on the 'strade bianchi', or white (fine gravel) roads on which so many very early cycle races used to be run, not to mention the hilly and exceptionally beautiful countryside. It is a stated aim of the event to provide publicity for these roads, so that they are not tarmac-ed over.

James Henderson of A Life of Adventure rode L'Eroica and wrote about it for the Financial Times. Read Turning Back the Gears, his description of the event. He rode with the Brooks' team, who were one of the sponsors of L'Eroica (they make plenty of retro cycling gear, which is a nice fit with the spirit of the event). He was loaned a reconditioned bicycle by Slack Cycles, who create bespoke traditional and stylish modern bicycles and footwear.