IGO Adventures

IGO Adventures puts on four-day, staged adventure races - with cameraderie at their core - in remote locations around the world. Founded by trans-Atlantic rower Bobby Melville and now working with adventurer George Bullard, IGO's inaugural race,  N60, was held in Norway in February 2016. The Norway race ran for a second time in 2017 and then they expanded the series to include races a mountain race, W114 in Montana (Run-swim-run, Mountain-biking, kayaking, mountain run) and a desert event in Morocco, the NW05 (Desert biking, kayaking, mountain biking, mountain running).

Read a race report of IGO N60 2018 by competitor Piers Daniell.

James Henderson of A Life of Adventure was commissioned by the Financial Times' magazine How to Spend it to participate in and write about IGO W114 in Montana in August 2017. His article, Ain't No Montana High Enough, appeared on 2nd June 2018.