IGO Adventures

IGO Adventures puts on a number of staged multi-sport adventure races over weekends around the UK and some longer events abroad. Founded by trans-Atlantic rower Bobby Melville and adventurer George Bullard, the races have camaraderie and a digital detox at their core and, with a ‘compete or complete’ ethos, they are suitable for all levels of competitors. IGO's inaugural race, N60, was held in Norway in February 2016 with combinations of skiing, mountain-biking and running, and has taken place each year since then. Their other major race is IGO W114, which is held each September in Montana over four days (run-swim-run, mountain-biking, kayaking, mountain run).

Read two race reports here -

In 2019 IGO will stage week-long races in Norway (March) and Montana (September) and weekends in Portugal (April), Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England over the summer and Morocco (October). See more about IGO Adventures here.

James Henderson of A Life of Adventure was commissioned by the Financial Times' magazine How to Spend it to participate in and write about IGO W114 in Montana in August 2017. His article, Ain't No Montana High Enough, appeared on 2nd June 2018.