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Godzone Adventure Race

Godzone is a full length adventure race held annually in the rugged and spectacular terrain of the South Island of New Zealand. Organisers make full use of the region’s famous mountains, rivers, ridgelines and trails to create magnificent courses involving kayaking, hiking, mountain-biking, river canoeing, glacier-walking, swimming and other sports. The South Island is geographically spectacular and to many the unofficial home of adventure racing.

The event is raced in teams of four and divided into two categories. Godzone ‘Pure’ is unsupported in the traditional sense of adventure racing, so teams hand the logistics over the race organisers, seeing their equipment boxes at the various Transition Areas, but otherwise looking after themselves throughout. The second category is ‘Pursuit’, in which teams have a support crew that can provide them – only in transition areas – with food, organisational support and other assistance. The Pursuit course is shorter than the Pure course and navigationally less challenging, but teams will often race harder because of this. Unlike many races, same sex teams are permitted to enter both categories, but only mixed-sex teams will be ranked and may win trophies and prizes. These are divided into Overall, Colt and Legend.

Godzone 2018

The 7th ‘Chapter’ in the story of Godzone will take place from 1-10 March 2018 in the Fiordland region of New Zealand, in the fjord-laced coastal area of south-west South Island. Based out of Te Anau, the race will take teams through the UNESCO-listed Te Wahipounamu National Park, which itself includes Milford and Doubtful Sounds and other iconic New Zealand landmarks. In honour of the location, the organisers have extended the course opening time from the usual seven to 10 days (the winners are expected to complete it in five). The Pure course will be approximately 600km long and the Pursuit course around 500km.

For more information, see their website at Godzoneadventure.com. And read an interview with Team RAF 100, who will be entering Godzone 2018.